Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gnome has a fundamental DT bug

It appears that GTK's integrated "Search-as-you-type" has a bug (this is the Rhythmbox bug I filed right now). I've seen it in many places around the gnome desktop.

See the bug below for a screenie.

The problem: White is the color for dark themes' text. When the search bar changes, it should either force the text to be black, change the color of the yellow, or detect the lightness and if it's too light, change the text.

Bug filed!

Monday, November 12, 2007

OpenOffice breaks with pixmap themes... not good!


Apparently, dark themes mess up OpenOffice with Gutsy--or at least the best dark theme out there, Neutronium Unity.

Some options don't open at all and crash it, and the icons don't show anymore. For instance, the Colors section in "Options" does this.

Can anyone confirm, and is there any fix for this?

Thanks :)

EDIT: It's any theme based on the Pixmap engine, and perhaps it's been fixed, but there's no update to Gutsy yet.