Tuesday, September 4, 2007

BUG #2: Text Editor

Success! The search match color can now be specified in the style scheme.

Text editor (gedit) is quite good with a dark theme. One thing that might be necessary with a dark background like this is to change the color of the colored text. This is done through menus and is quite easy. That's all right for me! :)

However, there's one minor annoyance, again having to do with a yellow highlight: When you search, it highlights the words, yet when it does so, white text is invisible:

Bug filed!

Overall, once again, four stars!


let's see what the devs can do ;)

BUG #3: Skype Beta Chat

SUCCESS! This bug has been fixed in the new version of Skype.

Skype Beta chat text is always black, so dark themes get left out :( This is still a beta, so it shouldn't be horrible. I hope they fix this (and get video for linux out soon!).

Other than that, though, looks great! Better than an annoying bright interface :P (the names are white, but i've blurred them out)

Bug filed!